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Roadmap for your new controller

Our way of working

Step 01


Understanding the system

We listen carefully

and provide solutions to your needs.


product customized to

your needs and requirements 

More than 35 years 

of expertise in the industry

European manufacture

More than 10.000 

manufactured devices 

Step 02


Design of the housing

We customize the design based on your requirements.

Design of the frontal

Based on 5-whire resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen, integrating the design into the base of our systems.

Electronic system configuration

We design or adapt our platforms to the requirements of your system, CPUs, memory, number of ports, etc.

We build the software environment

We build the software stack on Codesys or Linux. Our experts shape the system based on security criteria, clarity in handling, power and flexibility.

Step 03


Manufacture of the electronic

With an assembly capacity of 16.000 components/hour, our SMD assembly line produces boards under the most demanding requirements, welding with vapor phase technology, selective coating or encapsulation, on demand.

We outsource the manufacture of the housing

We trust the manufacture of the housing to a group of certified suppliers. The process is carried out under strict quality control measures.

A single system for the machine control: PC + PLC + HMI + Motion

Step 04


We pursue excellence

We carry out a meticulous research of the future availability of active and passive components.

Also, we control and test the devices with a 100% of traceability.

Final assembly of the controller

We undertake the final assembly of your controller with the most utter quality: we assembly the housing, the electronics and the front with your custom design.

Step 05


100% testing of the functionality of your device

We test the device performance in our facilities with a “burning” process of at least 24 hours.

A single system for the machine control: PC + PLC + HMI + Motion

Our customized solutions will provide you with total control of your machine and process.

Our HIPC-MIPC are built and set up to your own needs

Step 06


We ensure the availability of your control systems

We have the storage capacity for a “just in time” delivery of your devices.

One of the keys to the success of Basque Automation has been, and still is, the flexibility to satisfy the specific needs transmitted by the industrial machinery manufacturers. With interesting alternatives for short series, as well as for large production deployments, or the urgent evaluation of the first pre-series.

Step 07


You tell us when you want and we send it as sustainably as possible.

Our organization committed to sustainability

Betting on companies that offer more sustainable distribution alternatives, allowing them to access cities, guarantees the marketing of products in any scenario.

Step 08

Technical Support

Provided of hardware or software solutions to registered customers.

There is a guarantee that you will not waste time thinking about alternatives to solve the problem, and the user will have an effective and rapid response.

Guarantee quick solutions

We offer a direct communication channel, through which the customer can have a positive experience.

Step 09


We mantain you controllers always operational

Our reputation in the manufacture of robust and long-lasting products doesn’t come from nothing. Our after-sales and repair service team will keep your controllers always operational, guaranteeing their long-life.

Sale of parts

Step 10. Get in touch

We invite you > Visit us in the Basque Country. You will see where we make your PC and PLCs, our values and the and the importance we give to sustainability.

We like to have feedback from our customers. Know how to improve and how to help them.