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Why a single element such as operator and controller interface?

Receiving, processing and elaborating the response to act are the precepts of the term “Cognitive”. Intelligence and learning ability are behind each and all three precepts, so having them together and centralized is essential to maintain the integrity of the system.

Why use separate pulsators if there is already a touch?

In the development of MICCs, our experience accumulated for over 25 years in the service and repair of industrial controllers is very important. The biggest source of breakdowns in HMI’s is usually touch screen, areas where frequently used keys are programmed, quickly degraded or stained, sometimes hiding vital information.

So functions like “March” “Stop”, “Cycle”… are strong candidates to have a pulsator separated from the touch. LeiKB is an option of the MICCs, and allows a discrete mushroom and/or selectors, from 2 to 6 capacitive keys of safe operation and zero wear.

Why light rings on the pulsators if there is already a screen?

Communicating with the operator is not always an easy task, even more so in this globalized and changing society, where we often deal with foreign workers or low skilled workers. Management information or relevant status of a machine must be clearly and directly indicated.

LeiKB features light indicators on the outside of each key with 4 colors as an option and various states like CW Rotation, CCW, Quick Rotation Intermittent, Fixed, Sectorized CW, CCW…. Allow the operator to clearly associate a light key indication to a state or condition of the machine.

Why a customized controller and not a conventional PLC?

Leaving aside power and performance that can force us to select a high-end PLC, integrating MICC into our machines gives image and allows to control the life of the product. So far not any OEMs could afford to have a custom controller, it was not only high technology, nor high development costs, but had to keep the product in time. Forget to comply with brand demands in front of your customers, a customized driver avoids brand demands by your customers.

Why non-hardware dependent software?

The software we incorporate into our machine is currently one of the most important points, in it all our Know How is captured, all our experience is accumulated. In it, we invest and invest many hours in debugging, applying new algorithms or correcting bugs in all machine models.

If as an OEM we pursue Excellence and know that the intelligence of our machine, whether programmed or acquired makes us unique, we cannot make it dependent on brands, or equipment that may or may not be available in the future. Conventional PLC manufacturers remove product lines, sometimes obsolete for commercial reasons and not always offer full migration to new lines. MICC applications made over 10 years ago work directly on current equipment.

Why incorporate an UPS into the team itself?

Keeping our controller “awake” in the stress cuts is essential, without which we could not maintain the traceability of our process or we could lose processes that add to the acquired intelligence. MICCs have a food monitoring and maintenance system, based on super capacitors that allow us to react in time to an impact on food.

Why include an FPGA?

Not all processes can be addressed through cyclical tasks. The ability to respond with latencies of a few microseconds in the face of certain events is frequently necessary and usually forces us to use expensive high-end PLC´s. MICC incorporates a FPGA to which fast and independent routines can be incorporated from cyclic tasks.

Why they are manufactured in the EU?

We suffer from technological dependency problems often, pandemics, earthquakes or political interests should not compromise our machines, our industry. The MICC range is fully designed and manufactured in the Basque Country (EU). Proprietary SMD assembly lines, SPI, SPO, 100% unit 3D verification systems, functional control, Burn-in process (24 or 48 Hs), optionally selective coating. Keep the intelligence of your machines on a secure and independent stand.