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And discover the technology that makes your machines more efficient.

BASQUE AUTOMATION® is a company member of LARRAIOZ GROUP®. The first enterprise started in 1988 as LARRAIOZ ELECTRONICA INDUSTRIAL S.L., which a decade ago began collaborating with Automation and Research, A&R; an extensive experience in the innovation and development of embedded control and visualization solutions. A few years later, A&R is absorbed along with all its resources and product lines by LARRAIOZ ELECTRONICA, and since May 2023 till now with BASQUE AUTOMATION®, it remains as a customized product of control, visualization and motion solutions.

From the first developments in digital electronics over 35 years ago, to the current MIPC (Modular Industrial Panel Controller), or the newest hygienable multi-touch controllers of the HIPC range (Hygienic Industrial Panel Controller). In BASQUE AUTOMATION® we have designed and manufactured a wide range of industrial controllers for machinery manufacturers from different industries, such as special machinery, metal deformation, process control, packaging, food, beverage, renewable energy or test and measurement, etc.

One of the keys to the success of BASQUE AUTOMATION® has been, and still is, the flexibility to satisfy the specific needs transmitted by the industrial machinery manufacturers. With interesting alternatives for short series, as well as for large production deployments, or the urgent evaluation of the first pre-series.